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Dr Yong Zhong


Experienced Tutor in Physics at All Levels.

Brisbane tutor in Physics, Maths, Calculus, Further Maths, Maths Methods, Engineering, Algebra, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, Statistics, IB Physics SL/HL, Physics Essay, EEI Report and Journal Writing and Editing, Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry.

I started teaching Physics in universities the 1980s. Many of my students have become successful in their careers internationally, such as Prof Zhang who has published several papers in Physics Review Letters. e.g. 104, 08971(2010) and 103. 186402 (2009). My professional and international experiences over the past 30 years are unique for helping young students who are entering Science, Medicine and Engineering.

New Service: Lecturing and Tutoring on MRI for students from Y12 to Postgraduate.

If you just need to know how to solve problems, that's fine. If you want to learn more and faster beyond the syllabus, I can help you, too. For example, I can simultaneously teach linear algebra and quantum mechanics using Dirac's notation. If you want to do advanced experiments and theoretical modeling beyond your school's resources, I can provide just-in-time solutions at low cost. In 2017, for example, I have helped a student of a Brisbane grammar school who was preparing for International Young Physicist's Tournament on behalf of Australia.

Apart from IB Physics, Maths B and Maths C, I am also competent in tutoring university courses, such as vector analysis, field theory, ODE, Quantum Mechanics, and Solid Physics. In short, I can make your learning easier and enjoyable.

No matter whether you want to jump from B to A+ or simply pass an exam, I can help you to work out a tailor-made learning strategy. In particular, I can help you to write and edit your Physics essays and Project Reports as I have not only published research papers, but also used to be a referee for a specialist journal in the USA.

I have taught all areas in General Physics: Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electromangetism, Optics, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics. I had taught Quantum Physics and Field Theory for university students. I also tutor calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations for university students.

Since the 1990s, I have tutored VCE, IB Physics SL and HL for high school students in Melbourne. In Brisbane, I have helped students to achieve their exam results above their expectation.

I believe no child is incapable of mastering high-school Physics and Mathematics. As it is unlikely for all kids to be properly taught at school en masse, I think the traditional one-to-one tuition at home will prevail in the 21st century.

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I have taught and tutored many students with contrasting backgrounds, uneven learning skills, and different expectations. As a result, I have developed a numbers of methodologies to cater to their individual needs. By observing how a student solves a few problems, I am able to identify what related basic skills need to be improved.

It is noticed that many students who have experienced all sorts of difficulties in Years 11-12 usually had failed in building related foundations in their junior high years. Unfortunately, the QLD syllabus does not allow students to logically develop the related skills and systematical background knowledge. It is recommended that Physics and Mathematics be studied before Year 9, instead of from Year 11.

I have taught many students of different age groups, from primary school students to undergraduates, to post-graduates. I am teaching Y6-Y8 students Einstein's Special Relativity, which is normally briefly taught in Year 12. I have been teaching vector analysis, differential equation, linear algebra for university students, too.

In the 1990s, I started tutoring high school students who wish to gain high scores in VCE and IB Physics.

In passing, I have met/tutored students who asked me for help at the last moment before an assignment is due. Although some emergency treatments are available, it is strongly recommended that some "early symptoms" be identified.

In relation to my other experiences, I have worked on many interdisciplinary fields. While developing new theories and experimental methods in Physics, I had studied drug-DNA binding sites in the presence of metal ions, such as Cu(II), free radicals in irradiated food stuffs, HIV membrane, and high-temperature superconductors. Using my expertise in microwave technologies and electron-nuclear couplings, I had independently developed several new instruments for medical imaging.

If you are preparing for your interview to enter a good university, I can help you, too.


I graduated from SCNU with BSc, majored in Physics and Physics Teaching. I also obtained my PhD in Physics from Monash University. Part of my PhD Thesis has been adopted for teaching postgraduate students in SUNY. I am one of invited authors to write a Handbook on magnetic resonance spectroscopy for researchers in the field.

I have investigated a number of Physics courses and teaching methodologies internationally. In particular, I have developed a comprehensive plan and strategy for Y7-Y12 students to master the Physics concepts and skills step by step.

I have been contracted to develop state-of-the-art commercial instruments for researchers in material science, life science, food technologies, and nano-meter materials, including Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR spectrometer, which can also be used for MRI for medical imaging.


To be worked out based on the subject and the level.




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IB Physics SL/HL, Physics Essay, EEI Report and Journal Writing and Editing, Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry.
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