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Dr Yong Zhong

All suburbs, Brisbane

Dr Yong Zhong Brisbane Tutor in Physics, Maths, Calculus, Algebra, Maths Methods, Statistics

I started teaching Physics in the 1980s and obtained my PhD in Physics from Monash University. Many of my students have become successful in their careers in several countries, such as Prof Zhang who has published several papers in Physics Review Letters. e.g. 104, 08971(2010) and 103. 186402 (2009).

I teach both high school and university students, the subject areas range from theoretical to experimental physics, from elementary geometry, algebra, functions, to calculus, learning algebra and differential equations. I provide both one-to-one and group tuition.

I tutor both Physics and Maths as the two subjects are intrinsically intercalated. Indeed, Physics and Maths are fundamental for entering many disciplines and gaining professional skills. In short, I can make your learning easier and enjoyable.

No matter whether you want to jump from B to A+ or simply pass an exam, I can help you to work out a tailor-made learning strategy. In particular, I can help you to write and edit your Physics essays and Project Reports as I have published over 20 research papers.

I have taught all areas in General Physics: Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electromangetism, Optics, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics. I have tutored Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Mathematical Physics Methods. Since the 1990s, I have tutored IB Physics SL and HL for high school students in Melbourne. In Brisbane, I help students to become an independent and successful learner.

I believe no child is incapable of mastering Physics. As it is unlikely every child could be properly taught at school en masse, I think the traditional one-to-one tuition at home will prevail to cater to individual learning needs.

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  • Physics - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Maths - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Calculus - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Algebra - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Maths Methods - Secondary
  • Statistics - Secondary

  • IB Physics SL/HL, Physics Essay, EEI Report and Journal Writing and Editing, Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry.


I have taught many students of different age groups, from primary school students to
undergraduates, to post-graduates.

I am teaching Y6-Y8 students Einstein's Special Relativity, which is normally briefly taught in Year 12.

I have been teaching vector analysis, differential equation, linear algebra for university students, too.

I used to give lectures for 50 to 150 students in both Physics and Mathematics
Departments. Meanwhile, I also attended individual tuition sessions almost every week.

I started tutoring high school students who wish to enter good universities in the
1990s . I have tutored both VCE and IB Physics.

Over the past years, I have accumulated my tutoring experiences by
working with students about their tests, assignments, uncertainties, and new ideas.
This, in turn, has made me learn more and think more, as it is unlikely to meet a
whose learning style and demand are the same as others.

My experience tells me that an unified teaching plan and method used for a class
with over 20 students would simply be unfit for your child who has his or her individual
learning style and natural pace; an overwhelming assessment using multiple choices
could quickly wash away what your child has already learnt, resulting in different degrees
of unnecessary frustration.

As parents, you might have sometimes wondered if your child is really good at
studying Physics, one of the essential subjects at school. Indeed, it would appear
concerned when finding his or her performance and scores go down from time to

In my opinion, no child is incapable of learning Physics, provided a proper learning
strategy for each individual learner is provided in time.

In passing, I have met/tutored students who asked me for help at the last moment
before an assignment or test due-date. Some emergency treatments are available, but it
seems better some "early symptoms" be identified.

Please contact me for a free consultation before you decide to go for a tutor.


I graduated from SCNU with BSc, majored in Physics and Physics Teaching. I also
obtained my PhD in Physics from Monash University.

Part of my PhD Thesis has been adopted for teaching postgraduate students in the
USA. I am one of invited authors to write a Handbook on magnetic resonance
spectroscopy for students and researchers in the field.

I have investigated a number of Physics courses and teaching methodologies
internationally. In particular, I have developed a comprehensive plan and strategy
for Y7-Y12 students to master the Physics concepts and skills step by step.

I have also been contracted to develop state-of-the-art instruments for
researchers in material science, life science, food technologies, and nanometer
materials. One of them is called Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR
spectrometer, which can also be used for MRI.


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  • Group Tuition
  • Teaching Tuition
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A low hourly rate $25 is applied for students who need extra help beyond
a weekly meeting.




Profile last updated on 17-Nov-2017 (registered 11-Apr-2016)


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