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Miss Rebecca Heath

 Melbourne - Glen Iris

Melbourne tutor in Anatomy, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Maths, Medicine, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology, Statistics

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Cambridge University Graduate in Medicine and Natural Science. Help with Science and Maths of all levels. Flexible, friendly, logical teaching methods to avoid common exam pitfalls! Email to arrange sessions.

My recent progression through the education system means I am well aware of the pitfalls and common errors students make when trying to apply their knowledge or understand tricky concepts.

I am also able to offer help with entrance exams and University applications - having been through the Cambridge interview system for a hugely oversubscribed course, I can offer pointers on how to excel when answering questions.

I have a full Working with Children Check.




2016-Current: Private Tutor, Melbourne
High School to VCE Level

I am currently tutoring students in Melbourne. I have become familiar with the
structure of the Victorian curriculum in Maths, English and Science, and cater my
teaching towards methods used in studentsí classes.

October 2015 - Private Tutoring, London
June 2016 A Level Biology, University Applications

Several students needed help with a new biology curriculum. Whenever new
come out, the problem students face is having little revision material to work with, as
past papers for the new material do not exist. This means an in depth knowledge of
previous topics and what has changed has to be grasped in order to make use of
available revision material.

My university application tutoring mostly revolved around help with personal
statements. This sometimes required the teaching of basic English skills, and for the
more advanced, the use of persuasive writing techniques.

June 2015 - Private Tutoring, Leicestershire
October 2015 A Level Biology, Maths, Medicine Entrance Exams

This experience included tutoring writing skills and language interpretation. One of
medical entrance exams requires timed essay writing, which students often struggle
with. This required teaching students to interpret text passages and to write

October 2014 - Blue Tutors, Cambridge
July 2015 High School, GCSE and A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths

Working with a tutoring company that recruits almost exclusively from Oxford and
Cambridge Universities, requires the ability to tutor students not only at the highest
level of academia, but also those in younger years who have the potential to excel in
the future. However, some do not always want to engage with the lessons and do not
wish to be tutored. This taught me how important it is to inspire students and
self-directed learning.

September 2011 - Private Tutoring, Leicestershire
June 2012 High School Mathematics

Tutoring students who were struggling with algebra and basic maths skills. This
required the ability to imagine how the student sees maths problems and isolate
they are going wrong. At this level, students are grasping the very core concepts of
maths, which will guide them through more advanced levels in the future. This
involved how to rearrange equations, how to draw graphs and conveying a basic
understanding of mathematic principals.


University of Cambridge, First Class BA Honours degree in preclinical Medicine

5 A* A Levels (UK: VCE equivalent): Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics,
Mathematics (specialist maths and maths methods joint equivalent)

2015-2016 4th Year Medical Student
University College London
United Kingdom

As a clinical medical student, I gained experience in the University teaching hospitals
North London. This consisted of consulting with and examining patients in a
professional yet approachable manner, attending teaching sessions with senior
and learning the theory of general medical specialties.

2014-2015 Zoology Intercalation
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

As a preclinical medical student at Cambridge, third year consists of an intercalated
subject of choice within the Natural Science degree. My study of Zoology consisted of
the study of evolution and animal behaviour and ecology. This work was also coupled
with my dissertation, which focussed on evolutionary constraints within mammals.
requires extensive research into current scientific literature and the ability to
and scrutinise numerous studies to produce an original piece of academic writing.

2012-2014 Preclinical Medicine
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

The two-year study of preclinical medicine covered seven topics in extensive detail.
first year consisted of advanced biochemistry, physiology and human anatomy. To
in these topics required a keen scientific mind, an excellent memory for facts, and
ability to write structured, well argued essays.

My second year of study encompassed study of neuroscience, pharmacology,
and human reproduction. With the level of detail and volume of content making this
one of the most demanding courses in the world, the ability to devise efficient yet
effective learning methods is crucial, an this is something I learned to pass to

2010-2012 Advanced Levels (VCE Equivalent)
Lutterworth College
United Kingdom

My final two years at school consisted of more detailed study of Mathematics, Further
Mathematics (maths methods and maths specialist equivalent), Biology, Chemistry
Physics. Most UK students study four subjects for one year and then continue three
those for the second year. Against the advice of my school, I decided to continue
all five subjects for both years, finishing first in my school in my final year with 5 A*

Mathematics 589/600, 98.2%
Further Mathematics 288/300, 96.0%
Biology 282/300, 94.0%
Chemistry 289/300, 96.3%
Physics 567/600, 94.5%

2008-2010 GCSEs (Year 10 equivalent)
Lutterworth College
United Kingdom

My GCSE studies covered all basic subjects, including optional subjects I chose to
in addition to the core topics, including Geography, advanced Science, and English
specialised into separate language and literature courses. I achieved with 10 A*
grades, finishing as one of the top students for my year.


$55 per hour




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Tutor in Glen Iris


Calculus (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Secondary, Tertiary)
Statistics (Secondary, Tertiary)


Anatomy (Secondary, Tertiary)
Biochemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Biology (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Microbiology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physiology (Tertiary)

Social Science

Anthropology (Secondary, Tertiary)


Medicine (Tertiary)

"REALLY HELPED MY SON. very happy"

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