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Mr Kevin S

Sydney - Parramatta

Mr Kevin S Sydney Tutor in Calculus, Maths, Statistics, Highschool Maths (Year 8,9,10,11,12) HSC Mathematics (2,3 and 4 unit)

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Personalised Lessons:

I specialise in tutoring Highschool maths, including: year 8, 9, 10, 11, 2u, 3u and 4u. As large classes are ineffective for learning due to their non-interactive nature, I only conduct One on One tutoring so that you get the most attention with interactive learning. I will build concepts from the ground up and teach you all the fundamental and advanced content so that you can understand HSC Maths inside out. Academic success is a skill that can be learned. As such I am interested in decoding the habits which characterise the top students so I can impart this knowledge to other students to help them achieve their dreams. Each lesson you will be taught various tips,tricks and techniques to help you study more efficiently and set you up for academic success.

Study Techniques:

A prominent part of my tutoring is that I will be teaching you effective study strategies and mindsets that should be taught in schools but are not. You will learn:

1)Effective time management

2)Techniques to help you grasp new concepts better

3)How to fight procrastination by forming good habits

4)How to encode information so you can retain the knowledge for longer

5)How to set goals and the importance of effective goal setting

6)Why you need objective gauges of your knowledge

7)The advantage of distributed practice over the conventional massed practice technique

8) The type of mindset that will maximise your academic success


-Lessons are held at your residence

-Parramatta, Auburn, Blacktown, Strathfield or nearby suburbs

How long are each classes?

-Two hours ($40/hr)

Contact me:

Email me at with your year, school and your subjects.


  • Calculus - Secondary
  • Maths - Secondary
  • Statistics - Secondary

  • Highschool Maths (Year 8,9,10,11,12) HSC Mathematics (2,3 and 4 unit)


Tutoring for 1 year



  • Private Tuition
  • Home Visits


$40 per hour




Profile last updated on 25-Jul-2017 (registered 23-Jan-2017)

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