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Mr John Weeflaar

Kewdale (all suburbs), Perth

Mr John Weeflaar Perth Tutor in Calculus, Computing, Maths, Physics, Statistics

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I have had wide experience as a lecturer and tutor at university, a high school tutor, a computer programmer, and a research assistant at Uni. I love teaching and helping students build their confidence in dealing with their academic problems and seeing the results of it.

My tutoring time:

Monday: 10am - 9pm
Tuesday: 10am - 9pm
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm
Thursday: 10am - 9pm
Friday: 10am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 9pm

I am available to help you in Maths, Physics, Computing, and related fields.

Some of the units I have tutored/ I have been tutoring (in Perth)

High school:
- Year 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Maths

Tuart College:
- Enabling Maths

Curtin Uni:
- Mathematics 2
- AC 201 (Advanced Calculus)
- Math2010 (Linear Algebra)
Deakin University:
- SEP291 (Engineering Modelling/ Advanced Engineering Maths)
- Mat2437 (Differential Equations)
Murdoch Uni:
- MAS161: Calculus & Matrix Algebra
- MAS221: Mathematical Modelling
Notre Dame Uni:
- BS206 (Mathematics for Economics and Finance)
- Math1100 (Foundation Mathematics)
- ENM1600 (Engineering Mathematics)
- ENM2600 (Advanced Engineering Mathematics)
- Math1002 (Mathematical Methods 2)
- Math2501 (Mathematical Methods 3)
High school:
- Year 10, 11, 12 Physics

Tuart College:
- Enabling Physics

Curtin Uni:
- Physics 113/114/115
- Physics 1006/1011/1012
- Physics 2
- GEOP 2003 (Electromagnetics)
- PHYS2002 (Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics)
- PHYS2003 (Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism)
- PHYS2005 (Electromagnetism)

- PHYS1001 (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)
- PHYS1002 (Modern Physics)

Curtin Uni
- ENM100 (Engineering Mechanics)
- Engineering Dynamics
- ENSC 2001 (Dynamics, Electrical Engineering and Fluid Mechanics)

- Computer Hardware and Installations
Curtin College:
- COM101A (Programming)
Curtin Uni:
- MATLAB Programming (Geophysical Data Analysis 102)
- ISYS5000 (Designing Database Systems)
(one of the units for a Master degree in Information Systems, Curtin uni.)
- ISYS6011 (Computer Forensics)
(one of the units for a Master degree in Information Systems, Curtin uni.)
- CSP2151 (Programming Fundamentals (in C))
Murdoch Uni:
- ENG109 (Engineering Computing Systems)
- ICT159 (Foundations of Programming (in C))
- CITS2401 (Computer Analysis and Visualisation)
(Matlab, Mathematica, and Ms Excel in one)

- Data Analysis STA2300


  • Calculus - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Computing - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Maths - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • Physics - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Statistics - Secondary


• 6 years experience as a lecturer and tutor of Physics and Mathematics at
Indonesian Institute of Technology (ITI), in West Java.

The subjects that I taught:

Physics 1 (University Physics, Semester 1), Physics 2 (University Physics, Semester
2), Mathematics 1 (Calculus, Semester 1), Mathematics 2 (Calculus, Semester 2),
Mathematics 3 (Engineering Maths, Semester 3: Linear Algebra, Laplace Transforms,
Fourier Series, etc.), Mathematics 4 (Engineering Mathematics, Semester 4:
Differential Equations, etc.), Waves, Modern Physics, Electromagnetics.

• more than 4 years experience tutoring in Perth.

• 16 years experience computer programming.

I worked as a computer programmer for my own business and worked for various
IT companies in Perth, including Gryphon Consultants, Computer Science
etc., with commendations (written and verbal) from them. The languages and
technologies I have used:
Java, VB/VB.NET, VBA, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, C/C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and
database using Ms Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.
Fortran 90/95 was used for Scientific Computation when I was a research assistant.


• BSc in Physics: Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB) (COMPLETED)
(One of Indonesia’s most prestigious Universities)

• MSc in Physics (Theoretical/ Mathematical & Computational): University of
Western Australia (UWA) (COMPLETED)
I obtained my MSc by research (Scholarship recipient)

• Graduate Diploma in Computing, Curtin University (NOT COMPLETED YET)

I have done all the units years ago, except the final project that I need to complete.
Distinction and High Distinction in all Computer Programming Units: Computer
Programming 501, Computer Programming 502,
UNIX and C, Object Oriented Programming With C++, Internet and Java
I also did a course on Database Oracle PL/SQL Programming at TAFE years ago and
scored 100 in the mid and final exams.

• PhD, Physics(Theoretical/ Mathematical & Computational): Curtin University
(NOT COMPLETED YET) (Scholarship recipient)

I worked as a research assistant of my supervisors Prof Dmitry Fursa and Prof Igor
Bray for my PhD. Unfortunately during my study, I was struck by a kidney failure
(genetic), and I needed constant medical treatments from the hospital. That made
me decide to quit my PhD study on my final year in 2010, and basically I have
retired since then. I received a kidney transplant at Royal Perth Hospital in
November 2011.

• Working With Children Check Card (WWC)

• I am an Australian citizen

• Short Course Certificate: Computer Repair & Upgrade (West Coast College of
TAFE, 21 June 2003).

I have fixed and upgraded computers (hardware and software) of family, friends,
friends of friends, anyone that needs my help.


  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Teaching Tuition
  • Home Visits
  • Online Help


$40 per hour online or offline (face-to-face). Please add $5 or $10
(depending on the distance) for fuel cost if you would like me to travel to your place




Profile last updated on 04-Jan-2017 (registered 07-Feb-2015)

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