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My 30 years tutoring experience in Mathematics and thousands of my satisfied students achieving results above their expectation is a solid guarantee not only to achieve your aim but also to further develop your ability to go much beyond your desired result. My tutoring method is a specialised concept based and exam oriented home tutoring for under $23/h in following subjects:

Mathematical Methods 3&4
Mathematical Methods 1&2
Mathematics year 10
Mathematics year 9

FREE first lesson
FREE homework help
FREE one to one tutoring (up to 10 hours on line)
FREE tutorial notes (complete tutorial book)
HUGE discount if you require tutor to come at your home

How it works

Your excellence in Maths is assured by pre-recorded video lessons from an extraordinary tutor with over 35 years of tutoring experience with great success in helping thousands of students and hundreds of other tutors and teachers. With those lessons you will have everything what you need to significantly improve your Maths. However for your peace of mind that you are not alone in achieving excellence in maths, I am here to take complete care about your progress, providing you with all the above extra support.

Send an email requesting your FREE FIRST LESSON. Please, state in your email the name of the chapter and particular part of the chapter for your lesson as well your grade. I will, than, provide you with your lesson and give you more detailed information about your tutoring. Upon receiving your email I will contact you in my earliest time.

About Tutorial Books and Video Lessons

Tutorial books (notes) contain about 1000 questions on about 400 pages for each subject (year level). All questions are fully worked out with concise worded explanation of each step as well comprehensive theory and concepts needed for deep understanding of mathematics on an easier way. While most of the other books (good books) are effective with help of a teacher or tutor, those books don't require any extra help. Many students are using this book as the only bound reference on their exam because they can find in the book everything what they need on exam.

Video lessons are actual (without any changes) way of tutoring at the centre conducted over many years. Now students can have the same proven the best tutoring at their home. The content of video lessons is the same as contents of tutorial books but, with more detailed explanations and some extra examples. So, all questions, theory and concepts from tutorial books are explained on white board by real tutor with great tutorial success. The strong focus is on how to solve questions. However, the teaching philosophy of this tutorial is not to build up students' knowledge by examples but, also not to go very deep in mathematical theory. In fact, theory is given just enough (almost in forms of notes) that everyone can get solid understanding of the topic. Much stronger focus of our tutorial is on understanding of concepts in mathematics and how to apply them correctly as well how to get right idea to solve particular question.

Questions, purposely created for those lessons, are based on students' commonly asked questions modified by adding other aspects of the subject such as; plenty algebra, application of mathematical theory and development of mathematical concepts and all this with strong focus on tests and exam requirements. Since commonly asked students' questions are questions from large diversity of students' text books, teacher edition material, past tests, SACs and exams then, in each lesson there is a wide range of different style of questions. That difference of style of questions is helping students to learn mathematics with deeper understanding of theory and concepts that can be applied across the whole range of questions, rather than trying to apply some memorized patterns that usually can work only on some certain questions. Having this tutoring, students will no longer say "I have never seen that type of question" when doing their homework, tests and exams, as they will adopt working with different styles of questions.


  • Chemistry - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Maths - Secondary, Tertiary


30 years


Masters in science


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$23 per hour


Profile last updated on 05-Dec-2017 (registered 26-Feb-2017)

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